Our festive Christmas robin tea tin is titled 'Thinking of You' and is an original painting by Nicola Rowles.  Nicola creates animal art in her own unique style using her knowledge of different painting techniques. This little robin was created using a mixture of ink & watercolour, letting the paint work to create beautiful natural marks & patterns.

Our Thinking of You Christmas Robin tea tin contains 40 English Breakfast teabags.  English Breakfast is a full-bodied, robust black tea suitable for drinking at any time of the day. Best served with a splash of milk.

Thinking of You Christmas Robin Tea Tin contains:
40 English Breakfast teabags

Infusion Tips:
Boil fresh water to 100°C and pour over the teabag. Leave the teabag to infuse for 5 minutes or longer if desired, for a fuller, stronger taste. Once the tea has finished steeping, immediately remove the teabag and stir.