Awesome Original Hubba Bubba Tape


Hubba Hubba Bubble Gum Ribbon is the typical American chewing gum in pink colour. Its ribbon size will allow you to choose the amount you prefer to make small, large or giant balloons! What are you waiting for? Have fun with Hubba Bubba Tape!

feet of Original flavoured Hubba Bubba tape – so yum! These are super popular and a novel way to present gum too! Perfect for sharing or just indulging, our Hubba Bubba tapes are well worth a try.

Hubba Bubba is a real flash back to childhood we think. So to keep it fresh and flavoursome, we’ve imported some fabulous flavours. So it’s not just Hubba Bubba either! To check out our full range of American gum, just click here!

Ingredients: Sugar, gum base, corn syrup, glycerol, natural and artificial flavours, soy lecithin, corn starch, acesulfame K, Aspartame, BHT, E129