Jelly Belly Berry Blue Gum (Vg.)


Hubba Hubba Bubble Gum Ribbon is the typical American chewing gum in pink colour. Its ribbon size will allow you to choose the amount you prefer to make small, large or giant balloons! What are you waiting for? Have fun with Hubba Bubba Tape!

Intensely fruity chewing gum without sugar, Blue Berry flavour, is in the form of white decorated with eye-catching colourful swirls of pills the package contains 12 gums one has only 5kcal.  Jelly Belly always loves bringing to us all the tastiest, fruitiest flavours known to mankind and fills every last jelly bean with it – Well, this Jelly Belly gum is no different! Featuring the sweet and fruity flavour of Berry Blue Jelly Beans packed into gum form so you can keep on chewing!

Ingredients: Sweeteners; Sorbitol and Maltitol, Gum base, Sweetener, Maltitol syrup, Flavours, Sweetener xylitol, Soy lecithin emulsifier, Threatening arabic gum, Sweetener sucralose, Glycerin regulator, Acid: malic acid, Confectionery glaze, carnauba wax) (titanium white, E133).