Sour Blue Raspberry Hubba Bubba Tape


Imported from the States and scrum! We love the originality of tape gum. So it’s beautifully packaged and unrolls and unrolls and unrolls! Sour Blue Raspberry is a popular flavour, so if you’re looking for tasty blue gum this is perfect!

Hubba Bubba has been around for ages but to get the funky flavours you really have to look to America. And if you love American sweets as much as we do you should check out our full selection here. 

Our Hubba Tape is available in fabulous blue raspberry and original too. And if you’re looking for a American gift, you should check out our American hampers too. They’re the perfect selection for that special someone.

Ingredients: Sugar, gum base, corn syrup, glycerol, citric acid, less than 2% of corn starch, natural and artificial flavours, soy lecithin, malic acid, acesulfame K, Aspartame, colour E133, BHT