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Fathers Day Gifts - Do you know why we celebrate?

Tim FisherMay 18, '21

On the third Sunday of every June, millions of people celebrate Father’s Day in order to show their appreciation for a male role model in their life. But why did this begin? Well, in 1908, 362 men died in a tragic mining related incident resulting in many children becoming orphans and countless women becoming widows. For the local community to show their support to the men’s families and appreciation for the worker’s sacrifice, a West Virginian Church held a sermon where they distributed flowers to honour the living and the dead in a celebration of what fathers as a whole do for their community and families.

At this point in time, Mother’s Day had already been established as a part of a traditional Christian holiday but a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd felt fathers needed appreciation too after the mining incident. Dodd then petitioned in her local community for the government to change this and they eventually did with Washington State celebrating their first Father’s Day on June 1910. Whilst the idea of Father’s Day wasn’t appealing at first, it soon gained popularity when president Nixon used it as part of a propaganda campaign in WWII to promote deployed troops. As Father’s Day grew in America, other countries quickly followed leaving what we now know in the UK as Father’s Day.

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Nowadays, Father’s Day doesn’t have to be about a biological parent but rather anyone in your life that is viewed as a father figure. From uncles and brothers to grandads, we believe that they all deserve celebrating at this time of year and there is no better way to do this than by showing your gratitude with a delicious gift.

On our Wilfred’s website, or in our store in Cambridge, you can browse a selection of delicacies sure to bring a smile to the face of any role model in your life. From luxury solid chocolate domes to Buttermilk Clotted Cream Fudge, you can treat your Dad, Uncle, Brother or others on this special occasion. We even have vegan and sugar free options such as Liquorice Zouts and Apple and Blackcurrant hardboiled sweets to ensure that everyone can be catered for this Fathers Day.

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