Why Choose Vegan Sweets?

Why Choose Vegan Sweets?

Tim FisherApr 13, '21

Most sweets contain one key ingredient that gives them their tangy sweet taste: gelatin. However, gelatine is made primarily from animal collagen which means vegan sweet-lovers conventionally would not be able to enjoy traditionally irresistible sweets. So, an alternative had to be found which was when substances such as agar-agar found their way into confectionary manufacture.

Agar Agar, like other gelatine alternatives, is made from a plant alternative rather than animal collagen making it perfect for vegan sweets. With the rise of Veganism for environmental, health, religious or other reasons, modern sweet shops now contain more vegan alternatives than ever. Our Wilfred’s sweet shop in Cambridge has a wide variety of vegan sweets from Haribo Strawberries to Liquorice Bears. Alongside this, our online shop has relieved the pressure of scrolling through a sweet’s ingredients to determine if it is vegan by collecting them all into one space for you making it easier than ever.

Reasons to select a vegan alternative?

Even if you are not vegan, vegan alternatives can have a beneficial effect on you as they often contain healthier ingredients to non-vegan products. For example, vegan desserts often contain seeds, nuts and fruit providing the minerals and nutrients required for a balanced diet. Nowadays, the taste differences between vegan and non-vegan products are so minor it may be worth trying vegan alternatives for a health kick whilst still enjoying your favourite desserts and sweets.

Vegan alternatives often contain antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables which have been linked to reducing our risk of disease and lower cancer rates. For some people, the benefits of veganism are not only physical but also mental; the knowledge of not harming animals could make some people happier and allow them to live more fulfilling lives. This could also be from environmental satisfaction as dairy, fish and egg industries are growing leading to positive and negative effects on the Earth. For some people, Veganism is a way to help the environment in a positive way.

Vegan or not, everyone can enjoy vegan alternatives, many of which can be found on our Wilfred’s website or in person in our shop in Cambridge.

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