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Celtic sea salt is extracted from the salt marshes of the French Guérande peninsula. Many chefs favour Celtic sea salt. Furthermore, it has the lowest sodium content and mildest taste of all the salts extracted globally, making it just perfect for a mildly salty liquorice.

Using this salt, we think Klepper & Klepper have produced the perfect soft mild salt black liquorice.

Vegan, Gluten Free

200g bag.

About Klepper & Klepper Liquorice

Klepper & Klepper was founded in 2015 by Willem Klepper. He has over 30 years’ experience selling liquorice, knew what people liked and believed he could create better.

Five years on, Willem and his son have a massive cult following in the Netherlands with people travelling quite some distance to get their hands on his black liquorice offerings.

As they confidently say, it is 'de beste drop ooit!' (The best liquorice ever!)