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The Alternative - Sugar Free Sweets

Tim FisherApr 27, '21

Sugar-free alternatives

Thousands of people in the UK, and globally, cannot consume sugary foods from Sherbet Lemons to cookies, making shopping for treats increasingly difficult. For example, if you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes your sugar, fat and salt intake has to be kept to a minimum. For people with type 2 diabetes, avoiding sugar is not a choice, it is a necessity to avoid their blood sugar levels becoming dangerously high. Whilst there are sugar-free alternatives out there, they are often hard to find or secluded in the furthest corners of a shop making it difficult to even find something that is safe to eat.

It is not only type 2 diabetics that face this problem; people on specific diets or with particular tastes may also wish to avoid sugary foods and go for an equally satisfying sugar-free alternative. Sugar-free alternatives are becoming increasingly popular as some people correlate them with less headaches, an improved mental state and even healthier skin. Look out for the blue circle which is the global symbol for diabetes. 

Alongside biological effects, sugar can be damaging to our environment with sugar mills producing wastewater and plant matter that decomposes into fresh bodies of water. Whilst this may not directly affect humans, it consumes fish’s oxygen leading to their death or a less fulfilled life. This loss of habitat and impact on the food chain not only affects the animal’s natural system but the very food we pick of our shelves at the shop.

To make finding a sugar-free alternative easier, our Wilfred’s Sweets website has a designated sugar-free tab ensuring all of our favourite sweet treats are easily accessible with the same taste and no sugar. From traditional cola bottles to extra strong mints, they can all be found online or within our store in Cambridge.

We also offer varying portion sizes making it easy to control your intake and maintain a balanced diet, or, buy multiple bags for friends. Whilst our sugary sweets are irresistible, too much of anything can cause an intolerance and possible detrimental effects. So, why not pay a visit to our sugar-free section for a break or just to try something new.

Whether you choose to go sugar-free for health, environmental or other reasons, various irresistible delicacies can be found on our Wilfred’s Sweets website or pay us a visit in person to our shops in either Cambridge or Stratford.

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